Raw Sewage Health Risks

Sewage is the term used to refer to the system which is used to accommodate human waste. All of the homes in the neighborhood have a common pipeline which is connected to the water closets of all of the houses. This common pipeline allows all the waste from water closet pipes to continue flowing to the common sewage system in the neighborhood. All the waste then goes to the common sewage system, and they are collected in the public sewers which are located underground. This keeps the sewage system away from direct human contact, and all people are protected from the effects of raw sewage to the health.

But there are some people who still become subjected to raw sewage. Raw sewage is the term used for the sewage system where human waste is directly deposited. The sewage system has a form of filtration system, but before the waste can be sent through this filtration system, the sewage contents which have not yet been filtered are referred to as raw sewage. This is a combination of all of the human wastes from all of the water closets in the neighborhood where the sewer pipelines are connected. This means raw sewage contains fresh human urine and feces, and this can be extremely disgusting.

However, since sewage systems are under government jurisdiction, maintenance is also a must. Sewage systems aren’t just simple systems which work by themselves like natural reserves. Sewage systems are man-made and they also need constant maintenance and repair in instances when the pipes in the sewage lines become damaged. This means there are people who go underground and enter the sewage systems, subjecting themselves to raw sewage and receiving the fumes and directly coming in contact with the substances along the way.

Raw sewage can cause a number of health problems and those individuals who frequent raw sewage pipelines experience a lot of these health problems. However, because they can appear as other kinds of illnesses, some people do not suspect experiencing raw sewage health risks even if they already have it.

Some of the symptoms of raw sewage health risks are gastroenteritis which include stomach pains, diarrhea, and nausea; Weil’s disease which is characterized by flu-like symptoms and severe headache, and may result to more serious complications in the internal organs; hepatitis which is a common disease acquired from ingesting human fecal waste; occupational asthma which is caused by inhaling living or dead microorganisms; eyes or skin infections; and other very serious health problems.

For people who are often underground and working with raw sewage, there is a very high risk of acquiring one or more of these very serious health problems. These raw sewage health risks are very common and they can be suspected for other causes or other diseases, but the best way to prevent these is by using the proper protective gear in working with sewage. Although sewage workers are only employees of companies which are hired to clean the raw sewage pipelines, it is the responsibility of both workers and employers to secure the health of the workers in working with raw sewage.

To avoid raw sewage health risks, employers should provide their workers with proper gear and materials in working with raw sewage. Jumpsuits made of thick plastic, helmets and face masks with oxygen supply are the best equipment to use. However, for low-budget employers who are hiring workers to work without protective gear in raw sewage pipelines, even if authorities will not see what they are doing, employers will remain responsible for the health of their workers. If any of their workers die due to raw sewage health risks, employers can be sued by the families since it is their part to protect their workers.