Computer Water Damage

This is one of the biggest problems I am asked about:  what to do if you spill water on your computer.   As tempting as it may be, do not use a hair dryer to try and dry it as this will cause more damage by melting some components on the motherboard and possibly causing a short circuit. You should always go for a reliable and experienced company to achieve the best chances of a successful recovery.  Did you know that almost any amount of moisture can cause damage to electronics?

If it has been damaged by plain water, you can take off the covers and allow it to dry for several days and then try and turn it on. For some reason, many beginners think that this is too slow and want to rush the procedure.  If you think doing it yourself will take too long then, again, you should call in professional help.  It does not have to cost a fortune either. Just make sure that when choosing a water damage restoration company that you choose one that has experience with what happens when water is spilled on a computer and are trained in data recover.

Electric current is what causes water to damage water damage on computers, it’s true. I’m not sure if it’s sustainable though.  Lately I’ve been suggesting readers write in with 10 ways to deal with a computer water spill. Anything that we carry around with us all the time is in jeopardy of being damaged, because we do take it everywhere. Having a cheat sheet of what to do in case of an emergency can be a big help.

It usually will take you 30-45 minutes to take the water damaged computer apart. Take your time and make notes of where parts and screws came from.  In fact I often take several digital photos of electronics I am not familiar with, so that I can later refer to them during reassembly.  Don’t reassemble, plug in, turn on or attempt to use the item for at least twenty-four hours – you want to make sure the item is thoroughly dry. It is entirely expected that you might panic or become anxious because you will not only be scared of losing the computer, but all the files it kept for you.  It is impossible to put a price on those and they can be very difficult to recover.  Do not pry open the hard drive.

In some cases the effect of water and debris will result in problems with the spindle bearings and the disk drive platter will no longer rotate. If you even think that you might have gotten moisture or water down into any of these items disconnect it from the power source.

Use a fan for faster drying. Do not operate your machine unless you are convinced that it is completely dry. Trust me, this isn’t good for your computer. In such cases, proper handling of hard drive is very important as oxidization of drive will start to occur. Just remember, this procedure is just if you spill water on the computer motherboard.

A general ruls is always as soon as you discover that your electronic item is wet, turn it off, unplug it and remove any and all detachable parts: batteries, face plate, antenna, a/c cord, USB cables, etc. Of course you also need to remove your computer from the water.

I’m not kidding, these are the practical things about spilling water on a computer to remember.

The next thing you do is carefully disengage the screws are holding it together.

To deal with a water damaged hard drive, great care must be taken. If the drive was completely immersed in water, it is important that you keep it moist. Try to preserve water damaged hard drives so that as a business or individual can retrieve your data and shorten the time it takes to get your business or life back on track. If the damage is not too bad it might be repaired but there is no guarantee.  Hard drive and other data storage media are generally the costliest victims of water damage and flooding.

Of course prevention is better than trying to find a suitable repair after. With this in mind there are a few precautions that we should take with these things because the risk of them being damaged will be greater by putting them in certain situations.  Be sure to keep liquids away from your computer to begin with.